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What do clients say?

'very powerful treatment for my chronic depression and anxiety, have been able to manage my stresses alot better. Thanks to Wai at Tao Chi.....' Business Consultant, Reigate, Surrey.

'I have had acupuncture off and on over the years and visited many clinics, but Wai is so approachable and he was very successful in resolving my lower back pain when all other drugs did not work for me'. S.M. Homemaker, Headley, Surrey.

'I was first nervous having Cosmetic acupuncture, but I was surprised that it was not painful at all. In fact, it was really really relaxing. And, my skin looks and feels fantastic.' Investment Banker, Reigate, Surrey.

'I watched Channel 4's How Not To Get Old, it featured Cosmetic acupuncture, and Louise Redknapp highly recommended it. So I tried it for myself at Tao Chi Clinic, and I am loving it so much...' Journalist, Kingswood, Surrey.



'National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends acupuncture..........'. NHS 2013

'It could become a routine part of physiotherapy and with funding, GPs could do it in their surgeries.' Daily Mail 10 September 2012

'A molecule which may control how acupuncture relieves pain has been pinpointed by US researchers...Adenosine is known to have many roles in the body including regulating sleep and reducing inflammation, the researchers said'. BBC 30 May 2010



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Celebrities uses cosmetic acupuncture

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'Cosmetic acupuncture has caught the attention of increasing numbers of women who want to slow signs of aging, but don’t want to undergo surgery or to inject chemicals.' The New York Times, December 2007

'Facial acupuncture is the Hollywood star's shortcut to younger looking skin...The rich, the vain and the famous (reportedly Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cher) are having weekly "acupuncture facelifts" to ward off their wrinkles.' The Telegraph, Aug 2004

'The new face-lifting acupuncture treatment that claims to take five years off.' Daily Mail, August 2012

"My number one would be [facial] acupuncture. I've only had it a couple of times but my skin afterwards felt so nice," says Louise Redknapp (reported Sunday Observer 16 June 2013)