Clinic Fees

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Initial consultation is up to 1.5 hour (includes treatment), and follow-up treatment session are 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Please downlaod the New Client Health Questionnaire Form and Informed Consent Form. Fill in as much as you can and bring with you on the first appointment.




First Initial Consultation and treatment £90

Follow up standard treatment £65
Block of 10 sessions £630

Home/on location visits £160 per session



Facial Rejuvenation (vibrant complexion, anti wrinkles, facial toning) - individual treatment £85
Block of 10 sessions £830. More information.

Home/on location visits £130 per session


Terms and Conditions

1. Treatment sessions shall be payable on the day.

2. There is a full 100% charge for appointment(s) cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

3. Block session fees are heavily discounted, and therefore, it is non-refundable on a pro rata basis.

4. We accept cash or cheque (guranteed by a bank card) or direct online bank transfer (eg BACS).