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Children In Need - Fundraising for Care!


HENRY MARSH 4 years old (admitted at 3 yrs old)

Henry Marsh recieving acupunctureFather Phil Marsh with Henry and brother Oliver

was a very happy and healthy 3 year old boy. Unfortunately on the 5th October 2013 Henry my now 4 year old, contracted Ecoli and a disease called HUS which attacks your Kidneys, Stomach and Brain. Henry was admitted to Bristol Children’s Hospital on the 11th October and was in a coma for 6 weeks. The past year have been some of the hardest me and my family have ever had to endure.......'
You can keep up to date on Henry's progress and see details about fundraising events on our Facebook page:

Philip and Tanya Marsh (Parents)


ELLE DAVIDSON 18yrs old (admitted at 16yrs old)

Elle Davidson (right) with sister Amira (Left)Elle Mae Davidison having physiotherapy at The Childrens Trust Hospital

"Our daughter was a beautiful, intelligent hardworking and kind 16 year old who had just started her 6th form after successfully getting 12 A* grades in her GCSE'S. She was taken ill on January the 12th 2013 where she collapsed with a severe brain hemorrhage caused by an AVM we didn't know she had. After 7 hard and long months in the QE Hospital Birmingham, with many downs, and not so many ups, losing her 6 times, she continued to fight and baffle the professionals. She proved the doctors wrong and survived and we eventually left the hospital and moved to rehab for 16 months. Whilst at Tadworth we found Wai who we grew to love and will always be grateful for all the work he did for Elle. We still have a mountain to climb with Elle, but we will climb it, but we still need lots of help with fundraising to help give us the opportunity to fight for our perfect, beautiful daughter."
Leah and Phil Davidson (Parents)

You can email mother Leah directly, for considering donation and or fundraising for Elle Davidson